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The time has come....................

the Walrus said, "To talk of many things:

Of shoes, and ships and sealing-wax Of cabbages and kings



By Lewis Carroll


A STATEMENT (OR MORE A PROFILE OF THE OWNER AND COMPILER OF THIS SITE) Born on an environmental cusp, in 1953, three days after the Queen Elizabeth II coronation (much to the annoyance of my pregnant mother, whom missed the street party).

The United Kingdom was still being rationed; something young people know little about. However, there remains the possibility with Brexit talks looming, to consider; there will be no shortages on the shelves or price hikes, I believe this to be naive.

I read the first edition of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and heeded the warnings about chemicals when in my early teens. My mum taught me nature, my father how to feed ourselves, via our allotment. Everything my mother had learned through those rationing days were still in play for many years after the event. Wasting nothing.

As a child, I would isolate myself from others still preferring my own company. Yet never having a problem when required to mingle and be gregarious. My daughter calls me a recluse and my two sisters both older than me have over the years come to terms with the fact I enjoy isolation; that is not for all. I left home at seventeen years old without any tensions between myself or my family to work for the World Wildlife Fund.

At some point in the 70's reading Desmond Morris "Naked Ape and Human Zoo". After four years in Surrey marriage occurred, it did not work out, and I divorced in 1990. Now a single mother of one, I moved up to the Midlands to be closer to my family. Then I was diagnose as being Bipolar.

Every time someone close to me died and there were many over a nine-year period I ended up in a psychiatric hospital. Christmas after Christmas was mental hell with deep depression, I just drank heavily to drown my sorrow. But behind it all there was always nature, the nature of humans and environmental nature.

At 55 years old the doctors told me to give up work, I was constantly in and out of it. My daughter suffered, as I was absent, working, or in the depths of depression, or worse psychotic. And so, she left home returning to her father when she was sixteen. She was born on the 21st of December. Therefore, where there are others with sadder stories, Christmas is not a good time of year for me, the dark nights and grey days depress me further. I see my daughter and now my two grandchildren six monthly, they live 200 miles away.

I took myself off to University and it was whilst at Northampton University (Moulton College) studying Land and Conservation Management, a module on Sustainable Development fired me, and I moved on to distance learning with University of the Highlands and Islands studying sustainability development in its entirety. In both instances, due to mental health issues I never completed my Degree but achieved Higher Education in both.

Because I could clearly relate via my life and lifestyle, to sustainable development. My time on benefits, having survived the financial burdens associated with it. I had managed my house and income, it is not easy, but then nothing worthwhile is.

My small end of terrace a social housing property became my scientific base for all that is ahead on this website. I BELIEVE THAT BY PUTTING THE ENVIRONMENT FIRST, SOCIAL POLICY AND ECONOMICS, can follow closely in its footsteps. However, that is not the way that Sustainable Development appears to be taught. Economics, and Social Policy took priority over environment. There are contact options on the website.

Rarely a day goes by; either inside or outside of my property that does not lend itself or inspire to write something regarding sustainable development. and for others reading this compilation, you will find that there are things that you do on a regular basis, that are environmentally friendly, possibly without consciousness.

However, we all need to increase our awareness and increase our efforts thinking is no longer enough, we must start doing. Sustainable living is not necessarily an easy option, it requires physical as well as mental challenge and change, and few like change of any sort. That, accepted, there are many gains associated with the process, financial and well-being to start.

Therefore; as this website proceeds and studies continue, enjoy the process aware one slight change turning into a habit, by all on a weekly basis, however small that change maybe (possibly seeming inconsequential at first view). Is better in the present climate than no action at all.

And above all be proud of it, do not feel that you have failed in some way by not doing more. Nobody lives similar lives, I would like to engage with the doubters. We need to become more resilient, to the climate events that we have created, and therefore by default should be able to reverse.


ECOLOGY IN ITS SIMPLEST FORM Ecology studies the links between species and the niche of that species and how it co-exists with other species. We humans are a species and now we really need to be aware of our own niche, in this diverse and complicated world.

Every organism, however big or small relies upon its surroundings to survive. Human beings are the same.

Water Vole’s are an example: with reason. On the surface of its existence, this small mammal, appears to do little, other than eat plants.

Delve deeper, it is an instance of both good and bad environmental concern. And for those who are not interested in wildlife;  maybe you could draw a breath and read this. 

https://www.mammal.org.uk/species-hub/full-species-hub/discover-mammals/species-water-vole/   [Accessed 06.01.2020] 

Whilst the Water Vole is becoming a conservation story of some success, and natures ability to restore itself with help. (being sure of who will help the human race, is left to question)





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