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An interesting point that needs to address

BBC1 Midlands Today [Accessed 08/01/20] where a council is prepared not to accept recycling if not correctly disposed of. Having got into the habit of putting my recycling into a white plastic bag to keep it under control before putting in the bin. On this occasion the collectors will not accept this practice. Threatening to not collect in the future. Continuity across all District councils and county councils is required.

That summer Green Salad again


We have obviously moved from summer to winter, but at Christmas if at no other time a salad is a refreshing change from the heavyweight dinners.

Over the following months from that original chopped salad, the content has been varied with seasonal produce. Plus, if you or your children do not like salad; but love salt and vinegar crisps? This may resolve at least one issue, whilst creating another, that of sustainability.

Equal parts of dark Soya sauce and Cider Vinegar mixed and then poured over this salad, left for a minimum of half an hour, turns this refreshing salad into something more appetising for the salad haters, none liker’s and because of the dark brown it appears like a gravy on the plate. Great with chips; if for now, resolutions are at least a week away).

Whilst it was assumed, and not checked, to the origins of the produce incorporated in the green salad of the summer, replicating the ingredients out of the growing season presents problems, for this country and the planet.

FROM Spain: - Lettuce, Celery,

FROM Egypt initially, now Senegal (French): -Spring Onions

FROM Peru Asparagus

And those areas are a very small amount of what we import, importation is out of necessity and part of our history as a small island we have little choice, however looking for alternatives is worth investigating.

As the winter draws in)

I was a  single mother, but at my stage in life, convenience foods were not an option for my mother.  I cooked. Therefore, if you do, or if you dont like convenience foods have this as a tip)

Everybody gets days off. Even if you cannot cook till the dark of evening you can prepare in the daylight hours. Enjoy chopping and preparing, getting dinner ready, in the daylight). Do it, cook it, and reheat in a microwave, less electricity and just a bit more effort). Yet prepare midday and maybe a little extra time when the children are home for some quality time, before the partner returns and it all kicks off)



Waste not, Want not

No, the compiler has not gone mad😉 A romaine lettuce sold in two's. take the outer leaves off one (if going brown). take a very small amount from the base, removing the brown, pop it into a glass or a jar; with the surface water just touching. Go to deep i the water, the leaves will go sllimy in time. And put it somewhere cool or the fridge. Do not as the picture suggests, put it on a hotplate and turn the heat on and cook it😀.

P.S. This process can be repeated more than once with the same lettuce. And my daughter text me on this; That  she and husband use the same process, put purple sprouting brocolli, grown on allotment, into a glass of water and keep it in the fridge to keep it stay fresh. Raising a question? do you know what that could be?

Poor sulking singe lettuce taken from its wrapping and its twin, now alone but thriving


It would seem the days have gone from, where salads were a leaf or two of lettuce, a tomato, and spring onions finished with salad cream have passed.

Far more exotic ingredients are regularly used, or we get a selection pack, the ingredients chopped and sliced for convenience, wrapped in cellophane, are readily available in all supermarkets and Salsa has chillies and lime; all very nice, all very acceptable not to be sniffed at, at least for now.

This is a Britons salad: all content can be grown at home with comparative ease; even the green pepper, in this case mostly shop bought. In fact, although this is a green salad by both name, and both colour. It could be any colour with any additions you like, the secret (should you require it is in the chopping). Faddy eater’s is the clue, small cubes of carrot, beetroot, tomato, small enough to be pushed to one side, or eaten without realising it, the idea.

Take, only sufficient lettuce per person, slicing from the top and across the width. A chunk of cucumber, cut into cube size bits. Take the outer layer of skin from Spring Onions chop across the length removing the root, and then up the stalk, through the darker green bits and add to other ingredients. Take a slice, off the side of a green pepper, also chop into cubes.

The dressing:- In a small glass or other small receptacle , this is too taste, not quantity, and what you have in the cupboard. Make up a half vinegar to oil mix (the purists may complain) but it can be done as the compiler has, using malt vinegar and vegetable oil if it’s in the cupboard use it. This was; cider vinegar and olive oil, and then add ground black pepper plus little salt, mix.

The final bit; is again down to you. The herbs, the growing stock, in the trough are standard basic mix; thyme, a variegated sage (no different in taste to normal green, just prettier) chives and rosemary. Pinch or snip the tip of the rosemary it can be quite potent, but not in small amounts, and then the rest to taste. And there you have it, either drizzling the dressing over before serving, or leaving it separate, to be added by others.

Sadly I no longer have a rabbit but this is proof 3 green salads later they do grow

Hydroponics,} before the word or the scientific invented.My mothers style born 1915, a window ledge

LETS GET BACK TO THIS SALAD AND THAT LETTUCE…. Initially it maybe (just maybe) the compiler is off her head. But her mum wasn’t both parents born in 1915, survived WWI then took one girl through WWII, second plus one five years later out of the war then three girls and compiler out of rationing and into 1953.

It is not about saving a lettuce, it could be viewed as saving food waste, but as I know sustainable development, expands into so many things)

What that salad proves as we move into autumn where maybe salad is not so compatible with the winter months, it is something, in terms of a bit of chopping up that can be applied to anything. Small bits and pieces create volume and in terms of cooking something? It reduces cooking time and therefore utility charges.

The lettuce arrived in a cellophane wrap. It is not as recyclable. Scientists say it is biodegradable. But then it gets coated with other polymers that make it non-degradable. Only option? Buy food more often forget about wrapping in anything. We go out more in the summer. But summer veg doesn’t last as long anyway.

By autumn and winter the vegetables we use last better without needing wrapping. Just chilling and that does not mean the fridge, an outside cupboard will do.

Really this page needs dissecting, into component parts) I am seeking out more information on cellophane. I have found a relevant Dr expert. just waiting upon a response before I can create a link.

What is relevant is this, and it applies to many things. Paper takes up more environmental resources especially water than plastics, to produce. So plastic is it better, but if we use chemicals, oil etc. is it not better to keep draining limited resources from our mineral reserves whilst growing trees that can be replaced and provide us with oxygen?

I NEVER SAID SUSTAINABILITY IS AN EASY CHOICE) but to me having oxygen in my lungs works)

A twitter tweet from Canada?

From a Twitter response. Loose tea instead of bag tea is an easy one. After ripping open 12 bags this morning to compost the tea I realized just how much those non biodegradable bags add up.