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Before the time of the printed word, to date ancient tribes throughout the world, have lived off the land and know its medicine’s, how to feed themselves, cloth themselves. And worshipped nature and revered trees.

At what point, ancient man realised the importance of the tree, by pure instinct; we will probably never know. Finally; the book plus the scientist revealed that, trees took in carbon, and exhaled oxygen.

In 1779 Ingenhousz found out that in the presence of light, plants give off bubbles from their green areas, while in the shade these bubbles stop. He determined this gas to be oxygen. Ingenhousz continued his work and discovered that plants produce carbon dioxide in the dark.

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And for decades the Amazon Rain Forests, have been known to be the biggest natural reserve for oxygen, absorption of carbon, and a natural generator.

We should all now be crying, for the damage we humans have inflicted upon ourselves. As well as the indigenous tribes’ people, who have fought so long and hard, to achieve legal right to such land? Well aware their ancestral homelands were being exploited before this unnatural disaster.

This is not now a problem, just for world government, the various countries with a stake in it; it is time that the corporates, the pharmaceutical companies, the logging companies, the big farming communities and the food market chains, put back in; what they have continued to remove. With all the assistance and speed they can muster.

Money in its raw state, is not the answer, this is bigger than that. At best, this is an economic disaster, “don’t bite the hand that feeds” at worse with the rumours rife, this could be genocide and is definitely environmental suicide.

If, this is as many are now believing a deliberate act; the perpetrators must be bought to task, for that is exactly what they are traitors, to humanity.

Finally G7 summit ignored by Trump on environmental issue have moved to work without his involvement. Probably for the better, he hasn't got a clue. And now Brazil is refusing financial assistance!!!??? Conclusion offer it to Bolivia.

If any proof were required to my hypothesis, that the environment has an economic consequence?


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