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 Whilst admitting the assumption was that the ingredients of the green salad in the summer were all British produce, an attempt at replicating the same ingredient in winter, from the same supermarket source, puts sustainability out of the window.

In November, the Romaine lettuce still two in one wrapper did not and were not going to stay fresh in a glass of water, due to their growing season and requirement. The place of origin was not recorded. 

Denying that a nice fresh salad (after the indulgence;) is a pleasant change. But how far should we go? In terms of sustainability we are going far to far, this mass selection of available fresh fruit and vegetables, this country imports, to satisfy our nation out of season requirement is of massive concern and scale.

December 2019: Celery from Spain unless all the fields of celery on the Fens no longer exist. Seriously?  do you get (though in UK spring onions out of season) purchasing from Egypt or Senegal. Or Asparagus from Peru and the list inevitably goes on.

Remember this is just one green salad! Replace Spring onions with young leek, buy British Celery or not at all, or seek out preserved forms canned or bottled, of Aspargus and assist our canning and bottling plants. The flavour is there, just not the crunch.

Or obviously do not buy the ingredients for a green salad currently go for other raw and crunchy vegetables to enhance the plate.

It is Christmas we want what we want, but there is now looming in the background the out come of Brexit and trading status. Do not assume as negotiations with the EU and then outside of the EU continue there will not be shortages of one kind or another on our supermarket shelves, as we renegotiate terms.

However, we do have options available in many forms, but they will require a mind shift, and that from a sustainable perspective would not be a bad thing. We are changing our habits on the food front more slowly than some would like. But turn push into shove, and people automatically, dig their heels in.