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Using these lettuce was a random decision, it just occurred, Yet still holds a relevance.Dont see these two lettuce as boring, read on)

The compiler has for many, many years used her property as her grounding, 25 years to be exact, Prior to even realising, exactly what sustainable development was.

She went to university at the age of 55, and learned with some shock that a sustainable life had been what she had been doing ever since her mother started the learning process with her, 66 years ago. And has then used her life and lifestyle for 25 years gathering what she knows.

However, as a great believer in learn something new everyday, any new or old ideas that those who read or follow me, you are welcome to submit more advice for the compiler to review, please do not be shy.

These two lettuce came with a limited quandry, The scientists which I find better to believe say that the cellophane covering them is reycleable, whilst councils question it. Is there absolutely no time for joined up writing on such matters?


I still do not know the answer on this, it does not mean I do not want one, there are others better than me that should. I remember a discussion with a university doctor in lecture; well informed upon waste management, on broccolli and how fresher is stays for being covered in plastic. Which is fine, but is it right,?