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The authors going gardening

Very sympathetically to this gardens wild looks, having attempted hacking through clay like concrete from driest March. Purchased wildflower seed removed the couchgrass and though very small areas, ended up with an arthritic back giving me agro for the agri. Small is good better than nothing. 

This is the compilers garden, not great is it? or is it?

The controversity regarding this place has gone on for years. But committment to it has remained, but it did look far worse)

I do not feed the birds exactly during the summer months, they are out there doing wild things but enough remains on offer.

The buddelia is finally cut back the butterflies hopefully now crysallis) Yet those butterflies while the birds out there foraging replaced the birds, for a very short season.

And now, for all the conflict and also a lot of very understanding neighbours I feel all the agro has come to fruition.

The birds are back) Blue tit families, a wren, a pair of robins plus a pair of blackbirds, but the creme de la creme, a pair of hedge sparrows. Born in Essex across the road to open farm land these dowdy birds were prolific and now endandered as are many of the others.

But it is necessary to watch the birds and their habits, robins, blackbirds and these rare sparrows are ground feeders, they will use a table but I do not believe that is natural. So I put out a very restricted seed feed enough for them to eat, not enough to encourage rodents. I have a Jack Russell who hates cats, but as born a ratter and mouser keeps preditors/vermin clear.

Thoughs two hedge sparrows with their dwindling numbers and restricted life are worth every penny, agro included. JUST SMALL STEPS.

The only birds that have not yet returned to the feeders are the finches, so a large portion of one feeder now has Nyger seedsto tempt them. Nyger seed is not the cheapest option but remains a feed specific to these colourful birds. I am convinced they will return as food again becomes depleted in the natural habitat, and fairly certain, that the constant flurry of early morning Tits will not complain.


Evil dog? evil cats? No it is their nature:/