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There is literally nothing, that if you use the “six honest serving men” What, Why, When, How, Where and Who. That a search engine cannot provide some form of answer to the query.

Try it out: just input “six honest serving men” find out who wrote the poem. When asking a question of a search engine put a question mark in at the end. As a learning skill, especially if considering going into a Sales environment these words create what is known as an “open question”. Living in a house can present many questions, requiring answers, search engines to assist the inquisitive and it is amazing, where such an initial query can lead. And you can do it with very basic knowledge of any form of computer.

Why? Mention this in the food section Lemons, Chickpeas, Yoghurt and Ice Cream. This will indeed give anyone a mind boggling insight into the author.

A past partner loved lemon meringue pie and thoroughly enjoying to have some to share the joy the kitchen called. Problem 1: grating zest from a waxed lemon (not thinking) does not work, resolved by buying organic lemons (expensive). Then reverted to two bottles of lemon juice ignoring at the time the plastic bottles and desire for zest. Going through Easter that came in handy for pancakes. Out of date from June, nothing wrong with it and there remains an un-opened one, in the fridge. Then purchasing a small the cheapest Lemon tree. Out during the summer, now in the house, it showed signs of stress immediately the central heating went on and have now moved it to the kitchen. Which as maybe you can see now where getting to grips with the basics of search engines gets you.

Chick peas, brings hummus to mind. Either; bought in little plastic non-recyclable pots, (admit it) one of those things we do not always rinse and recycle. Bought in cans very recyclable or buy a kilo of dried, look for other recipes. Just pump into your search engine recipes with chick peas. And commit to any recipe you fancy. Yes to make Hummus there are other items required to make it, Tahini you can freeze it in ice cube trays. Bicarbonate of Soda, to soften many dried pulse based legumes but a good store cupboard basic and garlic in a tube or fresh.

Never be frightened of experimenting or cooking we all start somewhere and if nervous do any form of new recipe when nobody is around breathing down your neck or looking over your shoulder. The joy of achieving something like this; easily takes the mind off other worries.

Yoghurt: When Marcus Rashford MBE so poignantly explained his upbringing hoping it would give hope to many, he remembered his mum buying yoghurts from the pound shop. With a litre of warmed milk and a live yoghurt it can be made in a thermos flask. Sustainability is also maintainability, where more time available for all, with a little patience such; does not need to come out of plastic pots, a litre certainly would make enough for six and basically after that initial plain, live culture of two tablespoons.

Once made, it is possible to use that culture to make another batch. Adding fruit or jam or eating it plain is a good healthy thing. Back to your search engines people.

Ice Cream: Possibly not such a cheap alternative with hungry mouths, but when you put some effort into making something yourself, it is more cherished. And this does not require fancy mixers just a little elbow grease and a fork. The wonderful “No Churn” version. One carton of double cream and one tin of condensed milk. Playing with it after initially buying dairy cream, the UHT version works, and a full can of Condensed Milk was too sweet for the taste buds, halved it. How about some caramel with the rest?


From lowbrowvegan a cut and paste question @sustainbritons Tell me, do you hold yourself to those same standards you expect of others? Is that you in your profile pic? Tell me how you starve yourself because others are starving.

Dear @lowbrowvegan I have just picked up on your tweet and it deserves a reply. Simplest is, yes that is a profile picture of me aged around 40. I have no issue with honesty, declaring my age of 68 years young and frequently raise it when I tweet. So no deception.

I believe I hold myself responsible to myself and my own beliefs, which are similar but differ to those who choose one specific area associated with the Environment. If I can help while sticking to my remit regarding the UK then I am happy. And I hope some advice will make others happy to, which surely cannot be a bad thing.

Starving is a relative verb or adjective .And belongs to the society you live in or come from.. My mother from south of England followed my dad as close as she was to where he was billeted as and RAF engineer. WWII. (Not sure, may have been, Yorkshire or Lincolnshire. most likely Lincolnshire) She was lodging, went into the house, said “She was starving” Landlady put more coal on the fire.

But I guess you have never been in a war zone, where starving is literally that? You probably, neither do I know the true meaning of that word. I have I after divorce? No maintenance got close to the brink? Yes I have. As a single mum.

Is it better or worse now?, yes it is for similar to me. Life and lifestyle is relative, I would not stop anyone to live as they want to and that includes diversity. I call myself a sustainablist it is not a science it is a life decision. And would be totally happy to converse with you further on matters.

Please note I returned to education aged 55years. One student was a vegan and I respected and agreed with his and others views on being a vegan. But then it was back in 2007/8 about reducing meat production. DM me.

Best buy and Sell by explained

If you insist upon hoarding, still best to stay safe, dreadful to go down with serious food posioning, use up NHS resources required else where and then find yourself in worse trouble.

The Food Standards Agency

https://www.food.gov.uk/safety-hygiene/best-before-and-use-by-dates [accessed 01.04.20]

Best before 27th February, cooked in a stir fry Saturday 28th March

Eggactly why dates can confuse

This time: sight look at the way the yolks on these two are still prominent to the whites, smell.Again apply common sense. Crack the eggs into seperate bowls just in case one is ok and the other is bad. DO NOT USE for scrambled or omlette where you want a soft centre, but perfectly ok for baking cakes.

Waste no food

We will be getting to a point soon where eating sustainably will enter our lives and that will include using up everything.

Use your sense of smell and taste to establish if the milk is fresh. Do not go by the sell by date alone. This bottle lasted until 21st March.

Remove brown eternal leaves plenty of good ones underneath

Romaine lettuce kept in wrapping in fridge, not in water dated 06.03.20

Yesterday's meal 31st March, 2020, a green salad this was nice with a chop and a 50/50 vinegar and dark soya dressing. Yes, it did last that long.

Remove the brown top and bottom, chop small add to soups and stocks

Another knarled browning piece of veg

As you can see a some what sad but still useable celery. As with the lettuce keep the root base on. Yes its limp and and seeminly useless. I am sure you know the feeling. However, waste not want not. Whilst this cannot be revived for use in a salad. There is nothing wrong with it and it can be used in a mirepoix (whats that?) its a cheffy term for carrot, onion and celery used for various that for another day.Just chop it up leaf and all add to soup.


EN, SP, E. Tea. To be continued…...

Writing this on a Sunday, does go against the grain to some extent, and not because of any religious aspect. However, as a child, though going out to the front of the house and meeting neighbours’ children, was alright, we were not allowed to play outside and create a noise, where we might disturb other families in the street, we lived in. Shops closed and back in the 50’s there was half-day closing on a Wednesday afternoon.

Having two older sisters and all three of us now retired, it may be to the uniformed that one day of the week drifts into another, but even if one does not occupy the time well, the weekend is still different to the rest of the week. These days we can; should we wish, shop in shops on a Sunday or utilize the time online buying various items. But from Saturday afternoon in general things do calm down, stuff like bills, queries and various can wait, until the weekend is over, especially if retired.

But today is about making a cup of tea, in a more sustainable fashion, and is very much designed for those concerned about using gas or electricity, in the winter months. Most possessing an Electric kettle, so forgive me. At a time when seriously ill with mental health issues, money for me and to an extent even now was precious. As the years passed some ideas from a true austerity have been dropped but they remain as relevant now as they once were, but from a different reasoning and perspective. Should you continue to follow the website www.sutainablebritons.org be patient all will become clear.

Persisting in harping on about small actions helping the planet and pockets. My neighbour called me eccentric during the summer and I welcomed the title, far better than being labelled “bonkers or mad”. Sustainability, has the same labelling from “Frugal to environmentally friendly” However, in terms of boiling a kettle to make a pot of tea? Oh, so simple? changing habits of lifetime are not straight forward.

So, this is what used to happen when very short of income and here is what happens now because Sustainable Development is about The Environment, Social Policy and Economics. Somethings are straightforward and simple: - There are hundreds of Gizmos out there on the market for tea making and coffee, (remember we are all different what suits one does not suit another, but we have soil at our feet and a sky above).

Some years ago, whilst de-cluttering  what is a small kitchen a neighbour had a selection of crockery and pottery as did I therefore I gave it to the neighbour. Amongst it a large teapot, (damn! Why was I so generous, but now singularly single, no relevance, or so I thought) But the kitchen so small, work surfaces so limited Gizmos even today are not an option, taking up to much surface area..

The outcome, now returning to lose leaf tea and not teabags was twofold. No Teapot, no strainer, but the process to sustainable living is: Think before you act or react and my favourite success mantra "work with what you have got" serves well. :(sustainability is time consuming yet having the time and conveying this to others, if it helps, and it works, use it do not worry that you forget at times, its an ongoing process, to live sustainably).

Some weeks back, a friend use to visit a couple of days a week who liked puddings which are not on the menu, for the author. Yet I needed a sieve, ended up getting three for the price of one. And realised I had a tea strainer, slightly larger than the norm, but actually  a small sieve, amongst three. Problem, solved on that score, but no teapot, looking at the price of a new one, based upon having bought all new crockery for the kitchen (please do accuse me) First time in over 35 years of broken and chipped.

To buy a matching teapot would have cost one arm and two legs. Light bulb moment, back to the financially bad days, a large pouring thermos flask and a freebie from my catering days. Therefore now, at presen;t still using up a stock of Xmas tea bags, with my first packet of lose tea in store, finally got ahead of the game).

Drinking tea in the morning is a ritual in this house, three mugs minimum, before surfacing; without the delights of a partner to make it. Against the rule of filling the kettle only for one tea required. Fill kettle to full, make flask of tea. If boiled water going spare make first mug with that, then return to flask.

Maybe Prof Brian Cox may assist on this, when the tea goes cold in the flask, reheating seems it tastes stewed. But cold tea revitalised in the microwave does not. (Maybe someone not so busy could explain). So, there you go, a more sustainable way to make a pot of tea. Of course, the whole story on tea and sustainability does not end there, hence to be continued.

Going Vegetarian or Vegan TO BE CONTINUED


10/01/2020 So I have written a shopping list with some unusual items upon it. But looking forward to the challenges ahead. I sat down last night and obviously bought from various books, the receipes that tempted the taste buds. 

08/01/2020. It is a week since the New Year and maybe this comment is too late. However, we persevere, New Year's Resolutions on the go hopefully, this is a plea. Do not go all out if the decision by you is to turn either of the two v's. Use up and do not waste, the food that is not two v's. Unless you have a food bank close by, frozen meat excluded.

Take a rational route to the matter, converting a family maybe not as easy as one may at first think. Immediately if you throw away items no longer required increases waste, waste of money and waste of time.

Gentle yourselves into it. Buying manufactured milks comes with a cost, 2.27litres of skimmed cow's milk £0.48 per litre; Soya milk £1.00 sustainable living includes social policy and economics. Prices will vary dependent upon where you buy. Those on benefits, will find this disparaging, unless totally committed to environmental changes that we need to make.


So I bought four books and still reading through them, whilst continueing to eat up christmas. i took a look at the reicipes and chose one. I have eaten and basically enjoyed mushroom and guinness pie, p56 but did not include the pastry element. of BOSH Firth, H.  Theasby, I. (2018) HarperCollinspublishers ltd.London. I intend to try it again with some taste changes to my own, plus more importantly, viewing from a more sustainable perspective.