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The original idea was to start this website many years ago inspired by a conversation with a young country gentleman at a local Game Fair discussing Sustainable Development. That conversation never left the mind. Or the two specifics regarding his life and his attitude to life.

His Grandfather had said “what this country needs is another bloody war!” Whilst his uncle was devasted by our lack of consideration regarding land he had lost to a new road scouring through his farmland.

The young man also commented this; “If the rules don’t work, we rewrite the rule book” it was a surprising comment,he did not seem the type, something generally reserved (or so considered from the mouth of an environmental activists).

The intention was to write that book, but as the nature of the environment, the climate changing progressed to climate emergency it became apparent that the book had to be an online affair.

The feeling however was that Brexit would be straight forward and turned into a mini marathon whilst the environment turned into a race around the world. And now we have Coronavirus 19.

The power of nature should never be underestimated. That: something so miniscule which cannot be seen, should be considered part of the environment and nature.

We humans have also created this (whether we intended to or not). A lesson that no one person is invincible against natures power. Words such as Tsunami, War, eruption are being used and we have to accept the consequences, not an easy thing to do.

Death is inevitable to us all; to some extent, how we choose to die, can be planned, for this writer, 19 was not in the plan and whilst others want to treat or find it easier to consider it like a case of influenza which makes this whole emergency more palatable, easier to digest and go about as best can their daily lives, those that hold back from the frontline, will no doubt be the reserves.

This is the environmental D-day, the Somme. We will all adjust as time progresses a week into is nothing, initially it will be weeks and months, from the end of WWII in 1945 it was not for another ten years, until rationing stopped.

As a Brit, of an age, too young to remember it, there are many veterans out there that do. Remaining proud of our heritage is extremely important. Too young to remember the horrors of WWII, families tell stories and hand them down and this will be one of those events that will also change our world and be repeated for years to come.

We can try to bury our heads, switch off radio and television, pretend nothing is happening but it is. Whilst waiting for its appearance in this country holding back from writing has not been an issue. turmoil has been in the head of the author and a sad acknowledgement this is for real.

There is a massive amount to do now and how we survive, asked, if not told  we will all have a part to play. As progression is made take time to consider what is possible, nothing is impossible).

Have a life and live it, whatever the constraints maybe. Take care all, and learn to adapt to what is ahead, good luck and realise this is not the end but the being of www.sustainablebritons.org.