Environment, Social Policies, Economics


The best way to view this website and its content. The hypothesis is straightforward put the environment first, then the social and economics will follow on.

How? As an individual you are the “pebble”. Do not view the environment as beautiful green grass and mountains, view it as you, and your home, you as an individual become a catalyst. Easier to do now in lock down but best to continue as we progress.

The various tabs on the website, are written seemingly in a random style, yet, that “pebble” thrown into the outside world has ripples that extend beyond the you. Social Policy and distancing will be with us for many months to come.

Baring up under the strain of self-isolation, Mental health now suddenly is something those that could never have considered “it could never happen to me”and lets not forget those that confidently go about this country and world thinking sadly the same;we have accept it can and it has sadly to many, losong their lives

Having been told not to work again, many years ago. You will find an how the author can understand what Covid 19 means. Many are suffering from restrictions creating loneliness, financial distress Mental health issues. Nobody wants the challenges relating to not having a working income, but millions are now having to face that prospect.

Even, at these heights (issues relating to the economics of this country) and around the world can be reduced by how we all live within our homes. Yet remembering we are all individuals, all live our lives differently, even with in government restrictions.

Therefore, the random nature of texts has reason, you’re environment, the environment beyond your front door, social distancing and social policy, and how you fund yourself through this crisis and how this country and the world recover. 

In the meantime, stay safe, enjoy your family, do not put yourselves, your children at risk, by complaciency. 29/04/2020.