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In December 2019, setting up this website was based upon how living sustainably after the event of leaving the European Union could be achieved within the United Kingdom. After many years of waiting for some form of coherence.

In the UK in March 2020, lockdown occurred and once again I waited, I listened and learned as Covid 19 engulfed the world.

On 13th September, 2020 Sir David Attenborough presented Extinction: The Facts. Still available on BBC iPlayer (as I write on 15th October, 2020) for a further 10 months. Possibly it should never be removed.

More recently the Earthshot Prize instigated by the Duke of Cambridge and Sir David arrived.

Nature is beyond politics. Badgers, squirrels, ants, beetles know no boundaries and it seems the human race lived in a belief that nature can be conquered,  nature just ferrets away as best it can, whilst the human species continue to devour their own habitat. Plus those species we humans depend upon.

Of all the environmental scientists and science available, we have ignored it all and now we are ignoring them again. Covid and Conservation are a correlation joined at the hips and it appears that we do not want to admit it.

That we have been in denial of our own human nature and its ability to destroy many precious and natural things that Mother Nature has afforded us over millenniums’.

If as humans we do not believe that a cure for Covid 19 will not eventually occur, we would all stop. If we do not believe that we can cure this ailing planet from what or will possibly be a bigger calamity for the world, the heating up of this planet, we will be stopped.

Never ever underestimate the power of Nature. And yet as this virus exudes through our societies, our cities and our countries it is still working for the good. We are unable to stop the shift of tectonic plates causing tsunami, volcanoes, landslides earthquakes, floods but the technology is there to offer up warnings.

The warnings were there; had those that study the environment and the natural world been heard. The stark reality of Covid 19 (as the United Kingdom braces itself for the second wave with six months of winter ahead as with many other northern hemisphere countries) Sir David reminded us we were aware.

That this particular strain of virus emanated from China is not relevant, similar could and may still occur in various countries around the world where an abject dis-regard for the processes, that created this bug i.e. forests, jungles and its wildlife being abused by human hands, caused this. Rare animal species as yet to be discovered in such places that we have disturbed by insatiable desire for more, could provide a cure if left alone or create another pandemic.

All because our world population is too big also unnatural is the proximity to one another. The Chandra for months now has been listen to the science and the scientists had we as a world done this with all those involve with environmental science, maybe? or even positively; we would not be battling with Covid.