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As a child my mother encouraged me to engage with nature. I never regretted that) I lived in Southend on sea. I had every aspect of life, in the 50’s. farming with horse drawn carts as tractors came to the front., natural grown food, and seafood. My father rarely did,(but did to support a family) go on shoots, but preferred the fishing.

It is a world apart, and I get that, but food was food. After years of austerity and rationing. It was and still is a happy family, but by the time I was aware of what was important, good healthy food after the end of the war. I didn’t realise as a child.

She, mum was lovely) fed us, we sat around a table, and things I was not happy to eat,? Her answer? Its on your plate, if you don’t want it leave it. )Some psychology) No compromise, but no agro. We all ate or didn’t the same. And I am totally sure, that watching parents and older siblings at a table convinced me without fear or favour. To finally eat brussel sprouts. And various other items) Nothing was forced down my throat. Physically or verbally.

By 12 years I was with my parents’ consent talking, at home with a man about Badger conservation. At 14/15 I took my English CSE ten minute talk on conservation of species far from this land and by 17 I was working for the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. And went to work for them. Nobody has a right without this knowledge to say I do not care about animals.

Nobody has a right when basically life has been so good, food wise over the past 70 years, not to realise how lucky they have been. It was there before the EU existed. We have been spoilt by what is available to eat, this tiny country has a weather diversity that offers up many options.

Some clear our conscience, we go charitable, and that is good) But nobody tell me, and life long commitment as good as I have studied and lived. , at two universities very late when 55 ( means young people you can still do it) Life experiences, are just as important. Do not give up just change direction for a while. get life skills),

I do not know the human race. Food is food. Water is water, and if it happens? I am no longer a conservationist other than protecting my own kind.

We wont get secondary protein from products across the globe so start looking locally. I do not care, and neither should you how or what I eat. It is just about a free world. Never ever try to control me. There is just as much freedom in what we eat as freedom in what we speak. Now to mushroom risotto Never shout. If you want to make a point? Negotiate