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FEBRUARY 2021 A number of friends who are not particularly environmentally aware have read some of this websites content and have pointed out that they do not “get it” or it is “not for them” whilst accepting critique and begging to differ (one believing that because of the thought process the compiler must be desperately short of income).

Do we do shock horror? By such a revelation or do we appreciate that this is not so surprising? As a large percentage of the world does not “Get it” either? The compiler married a Londoner, Boris Johnson was born in New York and we know the views of X Trump on the matters of environment. And that says a lot about the lack of understanding or concern by such people over the years on the matter of the Environment and Climate Change.

Back in the early 1970’s talking and walking with young people from the inner cities you gained that some did not know that milk came from cows, eggs from chickens. Sadly, currently nothing much has changed, and those young people are now adults. The hope is that those, people gained something, from the walks and the talks. That they now support inner city farms and take their children to experience and understand such basics.

The environment transcends politics’, because without the environment functioning fully and balanced, the Human Race will have little or nothing, no bees and insects pollinating, means no more large luncheons and no big meetings. With the soil washed away from under one’s feet no fertilization or growing can be done. We will be losing the quality of air required to breath making it impossible to have our voices heard in Westminster or elsewhere..

It is all a tough realization, when all that we do and all we view on a day to day basis is a minute fragment of the world around us. Sir David Attenborough has been showing us this beautiful world for decades and he is not wrong to record it.

Australia, Poland America can change from coal mining, the United Kingdom has achieved it, moved on. We need more solar panels, more wind turbines the work force can be retrained. We do not use our hydro power sufficiently or efficiently.

We continually take advantage of this planet and its resources, if we are to end the doom and gloom scenarios then we must stop being parasites. Because that is what we are engaging in, drawing life’s blood from this planet, in so many ways. And Mother Nature to some extent is to blame or was, by offering self healing

Being in East Sussex during the 1987 Hurricane was proof of how after the devastation nature rebuilt and recolonized over the years and that is what we have become use too. Like a deep cut on a hand, that heals itself or a burn. Nature has persisted to heal.

We can longer assume, it can. And based upon a weather report on Sunday, 9th 2020 the whole of the UK was to be affected by storm Dennis, we are used to them, but the tradition tends to be one part of the country not as was predicted and occurred, the whole country going on yellow alert. The other problem given to protect us, is an amazing ability unless totally caught up in the floods we get amnesia!

Because all our leaders, have and do live in big cities, they will feel the gusts, watch the rain, but it will all be broken by the buildings.

How much in economic terms did it cost the government? When the storm hit? The environment is economic. The environment is social policy. The environment is the environment and we will all need to sustain and maintain ourselves for more than twenty-four-hour periods, in the future.

The emergency services will be stretched the impact on NHS will be stretched. How much? And how many times, do we need to discuss, Climate Change?