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Other than family, my mother a gardener, my father an allotment holder, my two sisters and then of course my daughter, her husband plus two beautiful grandchildren to inspire,me.

There have been two men in my life span that have influenced me since childhood, and one young woman, all bringing rationale to my life and lifestyle:-.

The Duke of Edinburgh who in his passing once again due to tributes highlighted his work regarding Conservation and Environmental Issues, which some may have been unaware of.

Sir David Attenborough with his immense depth of knowledge on the natural world, and wonderful television presence highlighting all aspects.

Greta Thumberg, with so much life ahead, who whilst an activist remains ethical.

Do not under-estimate any of the formers influences, all have ethics and all (if one could be a fly on a wall;~) at home, within their own environment, do get angry, frustrated and despair of the situation we now find ourselves in.

There is empathy and apathy within the general population, now and around the World. And for those still in denial of the natural disasters, all I would say is “seeing is believing”. However, we view our world, these days, we must shake off despondency and disbelief.

Pull together in whatever, which way we can, to avoid more devastation. The title of the website is Sustainable Britons and is all inclusive, whatever ethnicity, background, for it to be any other way would defeat purpose.

Within the wider range of environmentalism (the same as within this planet) there is diversity, factions, frictions. Disagreements overflowing, we can see sadly with recent events abroad a sad reflection of the human condition where ideology conflicts with the norm whatever that norm is. Change frightens people.

The remit here remains the environment of the United Kingdom, yet as discussed previously, we can all do a massive amount within our homes by actions to counteract plus limit more decline.

As with so much else we have encountered, and the speed we have encountered it, over the past two years, we are all going to have to, pull the environmental purse strings in. We are now handling various situations which few could have envisaged pre-covid.

Covid itself showing the best and worse. Again grief, frustration, and fear, yet also a new awareness, of nature and ourselves. Had we not encountered and experienced, due to successive lockdowns, as a precursor. Sadly with some inevitability, it would not have bought us to where we are, in the world today and preparing us for what is ahead.

There is no short-term fix, yet many solutions. My mother was very much a progressive soul, my father more dogmatic, both surviving their war, and I am thankful that both attitudes have made me who I am.

Determining my own space and life has been a long road with many pitfalls along the way. I am now an ecological pebble, ready to assist where I can. There have been times having reduced my social media presence to @Sustainablebriton some have raised the fact that one cannot go back to the dark ages, to which I would agree.

But from WWII to the present day, there is a wealth of well meaning, well-educated folk within my age range who have come through the similar.. We oldies probably do seem fusty to youth, but from time when man first discovered fire, when organisation and community developed, there were elders knowing more than young people and verbal communication, was how one was taught and learned. That still is human society. None, however, know it all, or should believe they know better, especially where climate issues are concerned because no body alive today, has on this earth experienced it.

Covid has taught us some resilience, but we are going to need more. The biggest concern looming is water and food security. Britain is locked into decisions on Brexit, Covid which we can and have thrown money at. We will all need to throw money at climate and sustainability. I have never conveyed that the sustainable process is cheap, it is more a re-balancing act, of wants and needs.

Our grandparents, parents remember or went through two long fights for freedom with a visible enemy. They remembered the hard times and enjoyed the good times when they arrived. My concern? In truth? We are entering a phase now where we have had 75 years of comparative good living. Now we are encountering a true perfect storm, and somehow, we need to remain calm, but diligent as we have done, as we are doing with the covid crisis. No one person is to blame, we all are.