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Retro food today in your cupboards and in the aisles, save the planet

Retro history and food

RETRO There are some lovely, young people that have absolutely taken on retro conventions. Some to convert their homes and lifestyle. And their clothes. Now a retro perspective may assist those struggling with food and cost.

On our shopping aisles there are items that have held on irrelevant of time, because they are good, trustworthy, and therefore why they remain on our aisle.

I continually blog and live upon what I bring into my house. My citizen scientist stuff, whilst having trained in sustainability. When I first encountered a sustainability module, I realised that was all I had experienced over many years. From absolute poverty as a single mum, mental health taking me out of mainstream workplace, (that seriously hurt,) I continued to work when I could. And have survived) So here I am, ready now to assist, still sustainablist1@gmail.com

Here are the few items: because they are in my cupboard, stuff that was in my mother’s cupboard, have less ingredients, need less manufacture, less ingredients plus less plastic packaging than now. Therefore, more relevant today, from the past too its future.

The first I want to mention is Premiere Foods products:- Birds Custard Powder and here was something I did not know, its history. When Premiere took over the Birds Custard Powder the lady said I cannot tolerate eggs. And so Birds custard powder came about with no eggs So a tub of Birds Custard Powder only contains Maize starch, salt, flavouring and the colour Annatto a natural ingredient.

We went through it didn’t we? Checking out every E number? Well maybe those younger than me because I eat anything, with few acceptations. Though Premiere have gone with the times, producing small plastic pots of their product, it has not really caught on. It is against the one use plastic policy.

A big tub of custard powder is far, far cheaper than a small convenience pot. And sure it could work if you do not accept milk from cows, it maybe a bit grey but you could add oat milk or other alternatives. Therefore, no harm to the planet, certainly cheaper than an instant off the shelf plastic tub. Rather than washing out and throwing away too recycle, just wash up a pan or a bowl having cooked in the microwave, saving more electric that a hob. Store it well) mine still going dated past best 2016, A 600g tub will make 68 portions).

Ahh Bisto! And again, had some useful stuff from Premiere Foods and will happily continue. It is frustrating to admit got some very shabby responses on the phone from other companies. So, you have in the photo the original Bisto Gravy Powder plus Bisto Gravy granules. (OF COURSE NO ONE IS PERFECT, I use both)

The gravy powder contains 6 items in manufacture but then add marmite. Marmite can be used for many other things, a continuity item.

The gravy granules have fourteen, but I have ignored Vitamin enhancement is there but you can get that through veg water. Other than adding marmite. However, my mum used gravy powder. My mum took the powder use it alone for beef or, add an equivalent amount of flour to make lamb gravy, or two flour to one powder to make a chicken gravy. As a vegetarian? Or even a #vegan you will be ok. You mix the powder cold then add to hot water. Then stir to make a gravy. I always use a good vegetarian stock cube if all else fails. Even with gravy granules I still use the boiling water from veg that’s cooked to make up the granules, in both instances do not waste the water you cook in, it adds vitamins not lost but also saves water.

So, gravy powder? Well before gravy granules, powder it still comes in a carboard box, although the gravy granules are just about recyclable. Bisto powder 454g from my local supermarket O.57g per 100g, granules largest pot 61g per 100g not for getting you still add water.

Flour addition for the gravy, you have nowt to make but gravy with the granules. #continuitycooking is about using everything up.

I did not from Marmite telephone number get same help,(lets remember all companies are in the same boat) Therefore can not be sure about anything said so will leave this short. Marmite does contain a lot of vitamins. 9(read that off back of tub.

If you look on the packet of multi vitamins many are in that marmite. But then you can get them at realistic levels through other things plus those above. Well I have never found any determent in consuming too many vitamins, as long as everything in moderation. Vitamin D is difficult always requires the sun, but not so much you end up with skin cancer and Vit C we need all the time, because we wee it out)))

Take care folks and look back at what you remember, simple food. Manufactured simply.