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6. Aug, 2022

Climate Mum @ClimateMum

So firstly. I want to make clear that I fully support all climate activists/scientists and environmentalists pushing for change any way they can right now. However I want to discuss something that is on my mind. I know some people who are concerned and averagely knowledgeable.

About climate change. They recycle, want to reduce plastic waste, perhaps even get an electric car etc. However, these people will also never support climate activism/ rebellion. They see it as unnecessary disruption with disregard for normal people’s lives.

How do we reach people like this who do not agree with climate rebellion? Who do not fully know what is at risk and just why people have been pushed to civil disobedience? We need more people to be on the same page, but climate activism sadly can alienate a lot of people…
Climate Mum 🌎💚