Environment, Social Policies, Economics

The Ecological Pond

In 2007 a module on Sustainable Development fired me. Because as I followed through, I realised that my whole life the three elements’ Economics, Social Policy, Environment, was my life my lifestyle.

After that module I studied the subject specifically. Five years on at a Trade Fair over a (two day period) I was in conversation with a knowledgeable young man on the subject, who said “If the rules do not work, we re-write the rule book”. Neither of us rebels.

I took what the Youngman said to heart, the first Question to myself was How? Now, ten years on I have answered that question, but to be honest it was nature itself which answered it for me.

With both Degree courses sustainability was presented Economics first, then Social Policy and finally the Environment. I have flipped that system and now advocate that we, in all aspects put the Environment First, then Social Policy, believing that the Economics can comfortably sit behind the other two.

We now uncomfortably accept that Covid came about as a human intrusion with wildlife, which has devastated the world with the Pandemic. And whilst environmental scientists warned of such occurring, we humans did not heed them. That alone should be sufficient that my theory has some bite,

That by putting the environment first, aware now of the devasting economic effect from Covid. As an individual this view and opinion covers almost thirty years of my life, my house, and my home. Having asked others what first comes to mind mentioning the environment, general public tend towards Green fields, Nature and similar.

For me, the Environment starts from inside the home, before stepping outside, the front door. Our reliance since WWII on the Petro-chemical industry is mind boggling. We the general public are all consumers. And whilst government look at the fiscal. The need even now still requires a root and branches approach. I look at what I import to my house. The manufacture of plastic is far to cheap and the cost to this planet far too costly. It is up to us all, whatever position in life we need to think seriously about our future, from individuals to designers, inventors and I am aware we are working towards such ends.

We need to start boycotting items in our homes, how we purchase and what we purchase. Simple things are butter in wrappers, not in plastic tubs. Utilities are in the limelight, use a hoover sparingly, brushes and brooms are effective. In same way we reduce our meat consumption we need to reduce other items, it takes a bit of thinking,

Since the pandemic we are now all aware we need to re-think Artificial Fertilizers which turn our fields into Dust bowls, with little consideration for the health of the microbes under our feet. And so the list continues, Our soils our seas our atmosphere.

This is the ecology both for wildlife and humans. My illustration covers this human ecological pond in which we all live. Your home, your world is small. Every action as you step out of your door, is no different than skimming a stone into the pond. Creating ripples that get bigger the further you step away from that front door.